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Core Internal Audit Courses 

 - Internal Auditing School I (Complete course on the internal auditing cycle)

 - Audit 101: Internal Auditing for Non-Auditors

 - IT Auditing Fundamentals

 - Fraud Audit Fundamentals

 - Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques (CAATs) and Data Analytics Using Excel

 - Audit Report Writing, Interviewing and Presentation Techniques

 - Developing Standardized Audit Work Program and Test Templates

 - Audit Sampling and Root Cause Analysis

 - Business Process Mapping, Analysis and Improvement Solutions (A Six Sigma Approach)

 - Audit Rating System

 - Planning, Performing, Follow-up and Monitoring the Audit Engagement 

Industry or Sector-Based Courses

 - Risk Based Internal Auditing for Local Government Units (LGUs)

 - Internal Audit and Financial Controls for Projects Funded by Grants and Donations

 - Internal Audit and Financial Controls of Credit Cooperatives

 - Financial Management Course for Board of Directors and Audit Committees of Credit Cooperatives

Process-Based Courses

  - Audit of Procurement and Payables

  - Preventing and Detecting Procurement Fraud

  - Audit of Manufacturing and Logistics Value Chain

  - Audit of Human Resources

  - Audit of Sales and Distribution Process

  - Accelerated Financial Reporting Using Excel

  - Internal Audit/CAATs for Inventory Count and Reconciliation

  - Internal Audit/CAATs for Payroll Management

  - Internal Audit/CAATs for Revenue to Collection

  - Internal Audit/CAATs for Travel and Entertainment

  - Fixed Asset Management and Internal Controls

  - Applying CAATs for IT Security Review

  - Financial Budgeting

Internal Audit Management Courses

 - Internal Audit Strategic Plan and Risk Based Annual Audit Plan
 - Project Management Techniques for Internal Auditors
 - Quality Assurance and Improvement Program - Internal Assessments
 - Internal Audit Policy and Procedures Manual

Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) and Other Courses

  - Internal Audit's Role in the Governance Process

  - Internal Audit's Role in the Risk Management Process

  - Financial Management for Auditors and Non-Finance Personnel

     (Introductory Course and Intermediate Course)

  - Internal Controls over Financial Reporting - SOX-based approach

  - Cloud Computing Using Google Tools 

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